Your First Visit

Your first visit is always complimentary! When you arrive to one of our offices in Norcross or First Visit_300Lawrenceville, you will sign in with one of our scheduling coordinators. They will provide you with a form to fill out regarding your information and basic health history. These forms are available here if you want to save time and bring it with you to your first visit with us.

Our staff will then give you a special tour of the office, showing you the waiting room, brushing stations, x-ray room, treatment rooms, and etc. This is to familiarize you with our office.

After a quick tour, Drs. Vinh and Kim will do a complimentary exam and discuss your concerns. If you have any questions regarding treatment options, what to expect, or pricing of the treatment, our team will do our best to thoroughly answer your questions.

At the end of your first consultation, if you feel that our team can provide you with the best orthodontic care for you or your child, we will take a series of records, consisting of diagnostic x-rays, photos, and a digital scan of the mouth that eliminates messy impressions. These diagnostic records allow Drs. Vinh and Kim to come up with a detailed, customized treatment plan for our patients.

What’s Next?

Congratulations! You are one step closer to a beautiful smile! We are glad you chose us to be a part of this journey. Your smile is our #1 priority.

Now is a good time to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning and a check up for any cavities if you have not done so in the past 6 months. Read here to learn more about the difference between an orthodontist (like Drs. Vinh and Kim) and a general dentist.

During your second appointment with us, our doctors will review with you the detailed customized treatment plan and address any additional concerns regarding your treatment. Typically, you will get your braces on or any other orthodontic appliance (according to your treatment plan) at this second appointment. If your case is complex or Drs. Vinh and Kim deem that it is best for your child to have an exam by a general dentist prior to starting orthodontic treatment, we will give you a referral letter for a dental exam prior to placing braces.

This second appointment can take up to two hours if we are placing braces on the same day (30 min consult, 1-1.5 hours for bonding brackets and oral hygiene review). Please plan accordingly to allow sufficient time for our team to do what’s best your child. Following appointments will be scheduled in 4-8 weeks intervals and will be much quicker appointments.

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